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ld_adults's Journal

Learning Disabled Adults
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Welcome to ld_adults at LiveJournal. This community is primarily for adults who live with learning disabilities. However, people who love or work with learning-disabled adults are welcome to join and post.

A few jokes are fine, and of course you can post your introduction. But please keep the majority of your posts on-topic. Personal issues, questions, news stories, helpful URLs, and anything else pertaining to learning disabilities is welcome.

Jayelle (aka princesswitch started this community because there is plenty for learning-disabled children and parents of learning-disabled children online, but not much for learning-disabled adults. We don't die or get cured when we turn 18, and our disabilities affect our lives long after we leave school.

This community was founded as a place for education and support. For this reason, threats, harassment, and prejudice will not be tolerated. Neither will correcting others' spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Please understand that some posters may be unable to do any better.

Come on in!